My Approach

Sean O'Tarpaigh

Seán Ó Tarpaigh MSc. MIAHIP, UKCP(reg)
   6 Drayton Close, Monkstown, 083 1662 783

My approach to counselling and psychotherapy is born out of my own therapeutic journey. Respect for the integrity of the person is paramount. I firmly believe that you have within you all that you require for a life that is authentic and fulfilling. I have no agenda or judgements on how that might look for you, but I know it will be uniquely yours. This may be a time when it is difficult to see a way through the challenges you are facing right now. It is at such a time that you may need a supporting presence, someone to explore the obstacles in your path and examine the deep-seated patterns of the past.

Most of our difficulties revolve around how we relate to ourselves, to others and to life: to how we connect.

Research shows that it is the quality of the relationship that is most important to a person’s experience of therapy. I believe this is so because you are born of relationship and are meant for relationship. You cannot but relate. It is therefore crucial to your well being that you relate in a manner that nourishes you. It is particularly important that you relate well to yourself since this is the basis of all other relating. Therapy allows you the space and time to slow down in order to better appreciate how you relate at all levels. In this slowing down you may get in touch with many feelings and insights. Losses may have to be mourned and old attitudes and behaviours gradually let go. This can also be a space for celebrating gains along the way. 
We are infinitely complex and creative beings and for this reason I work in a flexible creative manner which addresses your physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs. There may be times when we might use music, art, mindfulness, movement, dreams etc. as a way of gaining fresh insights. How we work will be a matter of agreement, and it is vital that we work in a manner and at a pace that respects your needs and sensitivities at all times.