What is Counselling?

Simply stated, counselling is any relationship in which one person is helping another person to better understand and solve some problem. 

Counselling is essentially a change (growth: healing) process in which you are helped to: 

  • deepen awareness of past & present patterns and explore alternatives
  • express yourself in a safe, supportive, collaborative, non-judgemental climate;
  • identify, sort-out and clarify your attitudes and feelings
  • identify non-helpful patterns
  • learn, where appropriate, more helpful coping skills
  • identify and achieve goals that are important to you

 The ultimate goal for counselling is to help you to recognize and accept your own internal worth and to live in a way in which head, heart and hand work together, where your thoughts feelings and actions flow harmoniously in the world and where challenges are accepted and overcome with confidence.
How do I get started?  
Our first meeting will be a consultation in which we can explore your present situation and discuss your needs and concerns regarding therapy. You can then decide whether it would be appropriate for you to enter therapy at this time, and if so what kind of therapy and approach we can use for your specific concerns and whether or not we would like to work together. 
You can contact me by e-mail or phone to arrange an initial consultation.